Saturday, December 18, 2010

I miss you!!

Talking to Vanessa is so much fun!!
heehee!! :D

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My holidays so far...

This holidays is really getting duller and boring as each day passes. Although there are actually quite some tasks to complete like planning the Christmas event, designing cups for charity, decorating candle holders for caroling and sorts, it's still not enough to totally fill my almost 2 month holiday. Everyday, it's the same ol' routine,

wake up at almost 12pm,
eat branch,
on computer,
start downloading movies,
go do something else while waiting for movie to finish loading
ex: read,
watch more tv,
chat with friends,
watch more tv,
take out reference book and start studying.....
before mind flutters away in less than 5 minutes,
occasionally update blog like now (be happy i do ;))

and then back to square one, which is watching the downloaded movie which takes forever to finish. == *unhealthy*. and yet somehow, I always end up sleeping way past midnight, which is not very good or healthy for me either..haiz, what to do, but at least all those movies and korean dramas have stopped me from eating cause I get distracted and thus, prevent me from putting on weight this holidays! Heehee :D *yays*

but of course, there are special days which always fall on the weekend *:C* cause where I don't follow those routines like during the charity event thing where I had to sell the cups.

nice or not?? :D

and turns out, it was almost all sold out! out of 50 cups, only 5 cups were left! whoots! :D geng or not? hahahah, must be the awesome persuading skills of Joanna, Joanne and Joyce, they're gooooood...Heehee

oh, and then I also recently joined the SPBT club in school where we were in charge of giving out and collecting the books that the students borrow. So yeah, had to wake up early for 3 whole days :'(, and we had to face books and books and more books. I'm sure I have build up some muscles carrying all those stack of heavy books from the ground floor to the 1st floor and all over the school. Try arm wrestling me if you don't believe me..hehe......ok, maybe not. Pn. Suraida brought her adorable little baby girl to school during those 3 days and she was just oh-so-cute! *She's so cute I can die!* of course, how can I restrain myself from taking pictures of cute things? :D

isn't she just adorable? :D

And of course, since it's the holidays, there's definitely shopping in it! I've been shopping quite a lot last week, there was even once where I shopped for 6 hours straight!! trust me, you would never want to try that, cause it really can kill your poor legs, and you must NEVER EVER where heels to shop. You can literally just die right there. My legs were pain for almost a week!! craziness. I'll never do that again. But of course, it was fun.

Picture with grandma and pretty Christmas deco.

Fun! :D

Oh, and then there was Joanne's Birthday party too! I was lucky that I didn't go too early as from what I heard, there was a lot of flour, water, more flour and water balloons?! none of that for me please! :D but it was ok, didn't know most of anyone there but it was fine. We even had bbq made specially for us by the great chef- Aunty Jenn. (I sound so lame here ==''')

The pretty Birthday girl!

This year, our youth combined with the young adults to have a caroling group for Christmas. Our costumes included holding candles and so some candle holders were made.

pretty or not? :D
Trust me, I took at least an hour doing each of those, it was crazy long to do, but luckily, I had Lee Min Ho to keep me in while watching korean dramas, I went snipping away with the scissors! Awesome show la it was!

So after all the practices, of course, we had to perform for people to see. So our first performance was during Aunty Caroline's cellgroup's oikos night. It was the first time for many of us, so we were most definitely nervous, but in the end, it all went well, except for in the end, where I got carried away with protecting the fire on my candle from blowing away, and ended up singing a little bit too fast. It wasn't on purpose k? but SOMEBODY just had to accuse me of stealing the limelight. *!!!!!!!* but other than that, everything went fine :D

Of course, during this kind of events, pictures are sure to be taken, and with my new camera in hand * squeals* it just made it more convenient! hehe :D

Cutie Chloe. hehe
too bad she's leaving for aussie soon
(not another one...haiz, why is everyone leaving?? :C)

This sweet girl here, is Melody.

Do not be fooled by her sweet looks,
for she is FIERCE!

hahah, but seriously,
she is.

with Adelyn.

with Joanna

with Michelle

All of us...
we were trying to do Charlie's angels pose,
but it clearly failed, for me that is..
Joanna is so bergaya..ahha :D


and a more decent picture :D

credits to: Ai Shern and my long hands. ahhaha!

Oh! oh! and guess what? I've found the best invention ever! the self timer! It's like seriously the awesomest thing like ever! *i sound so bimbotic..* hahah, but seriously! now, I can take pictures like this...



I look so dreamy here :D

and this!

retarded heart..

Noticed something? you can actually see not one, but BOTH of my hands in one picture. HAHAH! Gives me so much more alternative to posing! hahah....*syok sendiri*

I don't know how to remove this underline thing == It just came out by it's ownself! .....

haha, here's a picture of me trying to look like Rapunzel in the movie 'A tangled tale'
Alike or not? hahaha :D

ok, maybe not la, her eyes WAY bigger :(

oh, and I've take sooo many pictures of myself I quite got sick of it. Serious. hahah

need I say more?

haiz, too bored d...Can't wait for Singapore tomorrow!! :D

Natasha :D

Friday, December 10, 2010

You actually still read my blog?? :D

I'm so happy, I actually still DO have blog readers although I was MIA for such a long time! Such loyal people! *touched* hehe..thx Vanessa :D Even so, I'm aware of some people that reads my blog, ie: some of my uncles and cousins. o.0 Seems like I have to be more careful with my writing..hehe..not like there's any problem with my writing content anyway...

Anyway, lately, I've started to watch korean dramas again. And my latest one is -Personal taste. Lee Min Ho was sooooooo hot and sweet inside here!! unlike in Boys Over Flowers, gay show.== Vanessa, if you're reading this, this is a MUST watch!! If you have time la of course :D Anyway, I guess this explains why I've not been online often lately...heehee...

Before that, Chace Crawford was on number one on my list,
look at those deep mesmerizing blue eyes...

but I figured that my expectations were to I lowered it down to Lee Min Ho!! :D


What? he's Asian what? haha..ok, no la, I can keep on going with my fantasies but he seriously is Hot weih!!! hahah

Honestly speaking, I had a hard time finding a decent picture of him as the pictures of him when he models are really can't come out with a better word, but gay.
Anyway, so here's another NATURAL picture of him :D heehee
Cute! not the hair though..

okok, enough with my obsession over guys. Just earlier this week, my uncle got me a new camera! :D :D It's a Canon Ixus 105 and guess what colour is it?? no, it's not purple, although I would have chosen that if there was that colour :C

It's Green!!! (whoots! go green! hehe..)

yup, it's green, I chose that colour cause it was unique. I mean, have you seen anyone else having a green camera? Silver is the most common of all, so is black, and pink is becoming more and more popular amongst the girls, and guys even! So well, I chose green! :D It's a nice shade of green ok? Anyway, obviously after buying a new camera, you would like to test it out, and what's the best thing to test it on to see how good it is other than yourself? haha, so, if you know me well, you would know that my camera would definitely be filled with no other than Princess Natasha..haha..kdkd. Call me poser but It's my camera anyway, so I can do anything with it! *defensive* So here are some of the few 'test' (poser) shots..hehe. I'm becoming more and more vain, must be the blogs I've been reading lately...tsk tsk.

poser much? hehe
and a picture of my grandma and me :)

Ok, enough already.

I'm thinking of blinging the camera with sequins and sorts, but will it be too bimbotic? hmm....

Anyway, this holiday wasn't really that boring after all. (ok, i shouldn't say it until the holidays really ends or else I'd jinx it, it always happens to me, serious!) There's so many things I want to write, but I'm to lazy and sleepy....*curse that korean drama*


Natasha :D

Somehow, my blog post today seems a little er..aggressive? So sorry if I've said anything offensive :S

Friday, December 3, 2010

You know I'm bored when..

I start blogging,
yes, actually, that was the very reason I actually started th
is blog anyway..

It's December already!! Another year has passed again, and really, what have I achieved this year? or is it just another year wasted? hmm...
You know, really, I would blog more often if I had more ideas on what to blog about. Blogging about my day would be just utterly boring as you see, I'm a very boring person and nothing much interesting happens in my life. Even when I use the computer, I don't even play computer games or anything, instead, you now what I do? I blog surf. * is there even such a thing?!* hahah.. yupp, I do go around people's blog, and then link link link to someone else's blog and then to foreign person's blog and so on.. I know some of you may think that I'm such a stalker but I would prefer you think that I like to read..*denial* Xp Serious k? Some people can really write wan!

Anyway, today, I shall randomly come out with something to write, so I have decided that I wanted to blog about my dream house....*mind wonders away....*
Road to my dream house..haha!

My dream house..
ok, so first, the location. Initially, I wanted it at the countryside, where it is serene and peaceful and quite, where there are blue skies and green pastures, a small patch of garden outside my house for all my gardening, not very far of, I can see a flock of sheep (?!)
BUT THEN... on second thought, I don't like the fact that countrysides are always so far from the city and all the places I wanna go. And I really hate sitting in the car for long distance rides. I mean like seriously, last time, every time my dad drives us down to Johor to meet our relatives, I'll be asking him where we were and how much time is there left for us to reach our destination until he gets so annoyed he asks me to go sleep. =.= Who likes sitting in the car for such a long distance anyway? I hope next time there would be someone who would be so clever to invent this kind of teleporting machine where I can just go in, and say type in the place that I wanna go and I'll be there in the matter of miliseconds! or even better! I want one of those doors like in the doraemon comic books which can take you ANYWHERE you want. All you have to do is just open the door! How cool is that? save all the time and anxiety of waiting..heheh, oh! and it saves petrol too!! (see I'm eco-friendly! hahah!) I remember last time, I had this awesome idea in how to get transported. It's like the whole world is connected with this kind of plastic tubes big enough to fit a person, and then we just go in it, and then press a button and then it'll *poof* you to wherever you wanted to go. haha, but how silly is that? the whole world would be one big mess of plastic tubes and what if fat people get stuck in between halfway? Catastrophic! haha.....

ok, enough of my silly imagination, I was just 6 ok? haha, so anyway, yes, back to location, I've decided, it'll be in a city, but in a quiet and secure housing estate :)
Secondly, my dream room! (actually, that's all I really thought about..)
ok, so I would want my whole house, including my room to have a Vintage theme! Yes, I love vintagy stuff! even my tea set must be like this!!

then I can be English and drink tea, saying stuff like " would you like a cup of tea?" *in British accent* nyehehe.... Ok, maybe not, but MY POINT IS, I want my house to be vintage themed, and my husband better agree with that! Muahahaha..
Anyway, so back to my room. The size, musn't be too big, later so big until I walk to the other end of the room, my legs also tired d..or maybe I should just put many chairs along the room so that I can seat down and rest abit..HAHA, but it'll take forever to reach there, so no no no..medium sized will do, like maybe thrice the size of my current room. (Is it still abit small?!) Anyway,my room must have at least a tinge of purple in it, but I've thought of it already, if it's all purple, it would be too boring, so I have decided, it'll be a darker shade of lavender and silver elegant vintagy patterns all over the walls, so it'll look cooling and cosy. :D hmm, and then my I'll have a walk-in-closet with my thousand and one beautiful clothes and a whole wall to fit my shoe rack filled with pretty shoes neatly organized by colour coordination. hehe. and then just above my bed, there'll be of course the ceiling, but my ceiling is different, I'll have this kind of remote door slide thing, so that when I open the slide at night, there'll be a clear glass pane where I can admire the stars in the clear night sky....hahah :D oh, and then I would want one part of the wall to be a glass window, and then there'll be this 'fountain' of water flowing down from the top like a curtain, in to a pond surrounding my room so that it wouldn't be too hot when the sun shines in.. Oh! and then, I MUST have one of those window-side beds, so I do my work while looking out at my beautiful garden. and then I must have a white vintagy dressing table, with a BIG mirror (where I will ask' mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all!" haha...ok, maybe not.) for me to fulfill my vanity..hehe. hmm...I guess that's about it, aiya, too lazy to describe anymore la..hahah, yeah, so my dream room..nyehehe

ok, so yeah, that's about it, I may continue next time. Not like anyone would want to read it anyway...

cute peace face, HAHA

Time to sleep!

Natasha <3

Monday, November 15, 2010

I wish..

*this is a really nice picture :D

I really wish things were like before,
like how it was supposed to be,
but I came to realize
that things change,
nothing is permanent,
and there's nothing we can do about it
but move on...


Friday, October 29, 2010

Change can be scary..

but life goes on..

Time flies, and yes, again,I've not been updating
, but like anybody checks anyway..Today, I went to CF and Ps. Alexa was the guest speaker, she talked about how life isn't fair. Indeed it isn't, but if so is God not fair then since he created life?
because life is NOT God,
so God is still fair in the end..

So many things have happened and yes, change can be very scary..but in the end, nothing lasts forever, except God's love of course.

I read in twitter just the other day
'People hold on to memories because that's the only thing that doesn't Change '

and that is so true, people often live in past glories and in the end, don't improve from where they were and in the end, never get anywhere..
it's scary to see the one you thought you always knew, change into someone else, and it's even scarier to see how much I have changed..
I can sometimes be so high, happy and full of myself, but yet sometimes be so down and depressed thinking that people's perspective of me will change anytime..
If you had a chance to look inside my mind, you would see how messed up my thoughts are, sometimes, i don't even understand why I'm like that..

Changes happen everyday and in my opinion, the only thing we can do is to change our perspective of that situation and make lemonade out of lemons.
I, for one, do not like changes, especially drastic, negative, unwanted, unexpected changes, but it's bound to happen and I guess it's the thing that makes life interesting. I can't imagine how it would be like if everything rotates around routine work, life would be so mundane and boring, but easy though! heh! I get bored of something easily and it's actually scary to see how fast I do! Then again, i'm always waiting and wanting for something different, better to happen, changes for the better, myself to change, (and that's hard) but i guess everything has it's pros and cons. In the end, we should always do something to
Change lives, change the world!

Changes, good or bad are going to happen whether i like it or not so I'm going to face everyday with new hope, knowing that while everything else changes,
God doesn't.

i wonder why blogger do not have any other fonts, these fonts are so boring :C
My mind always turn blank when I start to blog so I'm so sorry for the short post.

I shall girly-fy this blog by showing you the things i do
when my mind flutters away while studying...

spot the purple nails!

look, even my physics book are still left unopened!

Pimples!! *gasp*
I'm too lazy to photoshop them, so wtv..

all the self obsessed pictures..*guilty* haha

I'm soooo weird!!!
hah..but I know I'm not the only one like that Xp
don't tell me you don't do that too..hehe

Exams ends in 4 more daysss~!! and I can't wait!

till then,
Natasha <3

Saturday, July 31, 2010


I have such great friends!! :)

it's been so long since i last blogged but don't complain, at least I'm blogging now no? I honestly have nothing to write about, but for the sake of updating, i just shall.

Recently, I've made a twitter account, yeah, thanks to Joanna. I honestly dont understand this twitter thing. Firstly, it makes stalking so much easier, of course you can still private your tweets, but then again, why would i want to tell the whole world what I'm doing? not like they would be interested in any way. or maybe it's just me. besides, I'm no celebrity. I sound like a hypocrite, saying what's the point of twitter but yet having one? ok, nvm bout that...

Exams are so far away, and i don't feel like studying now, although i should since i have nothing else better to do. Today, i'm stuck at home with no where to go. I so wish I can drive!!! *1 more year Natasha, 1more loooooong year..* It has been 1 month and 2 days since I've turned 16, but it doesnt seem to me that I have changed much, have I? I should be more mature, throwing away all my childish thinking, and start to think more like 16 year old. Stop having crazy mood swings which i seriously hate about myself cause they're so annoying, to me, and it annoys others, causing people to think that I'm annoying and it just annoys me to think that i annoy others... haha..ok, ignore that, I'm just crapping out nonsense here. Besides, no one else reads my blog so hahaha, i can write anything i want here without worrying about what others will think. Besides, it's MY blog, i can write anything i want!! hahahahah, and there's no one to stop me!! *evil laugh*

that paragraph up there just proves how bored and crazy I am. I should stop now...
Natasha C=